Changes to WRC Hearing Procedures

12 May 2021 Useful Articles

The recent Supreme Court Judgement in Zalewski v. An Adjudication Officer has triggered significant changes to the procedures at Hearings of the WRC.  

It is likely that this Judgement will in due course give rise to amending legislation in respect of WRC procedures.  

However, in the meantime, employers should note that:

All Public Hearings (other than under the Industrial Relations Act 1969) will be conducted in public.  This may mean that due to the current Covid-related restrictions some Hearings may well be postponed so that they can be face-to-face Hearings, thereby allowing the public to attend.
The practice of Determinations being anonymised will cease.  
The WRC Adjudicator may well decide that he/she wishes to hear evidence under oath.

None of the above changes relate to Trade Dispute Claims (rather than former Legal Claims) that are brought under Section 13 of the Industrial Relations Act, 1969 as these will continue to be conducted in private.  

HR for Better Workplaces has extensive experience of WRC Hearings and can advise on all issues related to the above. Employers would likely benefit from a more detailed treatment of this topic so please do get in touch if this would be beneficial.

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