Covid-19 and Mental Health

01 April 2021 Covid-19

Let’s not forget Employees without children in our efforts to support people working from home.

Organisational Psychologist, Dr Melrona Kirrane of the DCU Business school has advised that HR Managers need to be extra vigilant when it comes to the Mental Health of their teams during the Pandemic. Dr Kirrane recommended the CIPD’s guides on how to pick up on signals of employees who might be encountering mental health difficulties. The Guide to Mental Health’ lists “lone working” as a potential workplace trigger for distress. She said much focus has been given to parents working from home who have childcare responsibilities but not much attention has been given to people without children, “who can struggle as well.”

Managers should…..

Rethink workloads of staff who are stressed.
Make use of online social events where work matters are not discussed.
Introduce more one to one meetings for those who don’t like to socialise online.
Make sure to have structure and developmental opportunities to boost motivation and a sense of achievement.
Create an ‘open door’ policy so that staff can speak openly about their challenges.
Remind Employees how and why they are valued so much.
Be as flexible as possible.

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