Covid-19 - Managing Remote Working Effectively

26 March 2020 Covid-19
Managing Remote Working Effectively

With working from home being a key means for many workers and organisations to keep going during the Corona Virus outbreak, we have collated some top tips to help you and your team get the most from remote working whilst looking after employee wellbeing.

Managing Communication
  • Be very clear on agreeing ways of working

  • Ensure everyone is well informed and aware of company expectations

  • Have very regular meetings to check progress and communicate effectively

  • Embrace the use of technology to communicate on a daily basis.

  • Operating this way helps to maintain and improve communication whilst

    also creating social interaction to help combat isolation

  • Having phone, video or group conferencing is an effective and easy method

  • Test some products like Zoom, Skype, Loom, Webex and there are many more


    Managing Wellbeing


  • Try working in different areas of your house until you find the most comfortable setting

  • Adapt your working space from time to time to allow change in your usual routine

  • Make sure you set a daily routine and take regular breaks

  • Set working hours and stick to them

  • Get showered and dressed every day

  • Take regular daily exercise, joining an exercise group online can be

    motivating and provide interaction with other people

  • Create a healthy eating plan and be organised around preparation of this

  • Go outside in the garden for a break and plenty of fresh air

  • Join remote working communities online for support and social interaction

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