Is Distance Destroying Dialogue?

12 May 2021 Useful Articles

Remote working and a more flexible approach by Employers to their workforces means seeing a reduction in face-to-face dialogue between Employees. This will lead to fewer chances of engaging in open and honest conversations that would normally take place quickly in an office setting, So, we are asking the question, is distance destroying dialogue and in turn leading to an increase in unresolved issues?

What happens to pent up frustrations and issues if people are choosing to keep them to themselves for fear of confrontation (albeit remotely). The longer-term impact of this on wellbeing and productivity has to be considered. At HR for Better Workplaces we know that having regular Performance Conversations with Employees is one way of maintaining regular contact in a relaxed but structured way. Distance should not become an excuse for silence.

Our top Performance Conversations tips are:

Schedule these every few weeks and stick to them
Make sure that the conversations are supportive and forward focussed
Create an environment for open and honest conversation
Follow up on actions
Prepare in advance to get the most out of the conversation

For a more detailed look at Performance Conversations take a listen to our PCs podcast series or indeed get in touch with Frank at, Sinead at or to discuss a Performance Conversations workshop. Your teams will thank you!



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