Over 40% of employees say work-related Wellbeing suffered during Covid Lockdown

21 October 2020 Media Centre

A recent survey carried out by the authors of a new book about meaningful Performance Conversations between employees and their managers has found that 41% of employees feel that their work-related Wellbeing has not received sufficient attention, or has indeed suffered during the Covid Lockdown period. 42% of these respondents said what they found most difficult was the ability to juggle home/ work balance.

Other factors which affected Wellbeing included increased workload; lack of direction and meaningful conversations with their manager; and screen fatigue. However, despite work-place Wellbeing being a concern, 86% of respondents said they would like to see working remotely and from home becoming the norm; highlighting the need to address issues that have come to the forefront in recent months.

Worryingly, it emerged that pre-Covid, almost 60% of respondents said they had meaningful job-related conversations with their manager every few weeks; however, this dropped during the Pandemic, with 65% saying these conversations became less frequent. 7 in 10 employees think that having more regular and meaningful job-related conversations with their manager would increase their motivation and productivity.

Disappointingly, 37% of respondents said they felt somewhat neglected by their leaders and managers during Covid Lockdown, a time when it appears the support was required more than ever as 54% said their workload has been greater or significantly greater during the Pandemic.

The employee survey was carried out by HR for Better Workplaces, a company that is passionate about People, Culture and Wellbeing. The company’s Principal Consultants are Frank Scott-Lennon and Laura Powney with a combined 60 years’ experience in the HR space. Laura has dedicated much of her career to workplace Wellbeing. Frank’s daughter Sinead most recently joined the team as a Communications and Wellbeing Consultant; and with her extensive people management experience, co-authored with Frank, a new Pocketbook, ‘Performance Conversations’, which addresses how managers can collaborate with their employees on their future and individual development. When Frank was developing the concept for the book, it was important for him to work with someone with solid experience of successfully managing teams. A natural collaborator was Sinead, who has significant experience in performance management within the Communications industry.

According to Frank “Performance Conversations are two-way conversations that should take place every four, six or eight weeks to enable better productivity. A manager should listen to what their employee indicates are their work priorities for the next few weeks; and ask what problems they might see in the implementation/execution of these priorities. This paves the way for a future focussed and supportive conversation. From my experience, the impact on Wellbeing is tangible.”

 The survey found that while 47% of employees feel that traditional annual appraisals are sufficient, almost 30% said they are unprogressive, and 10% dread them. 79% think that having more meaningful and regular performance conversations would enhance the annual appraisal process.

 Sinead added “By adopting the performance conversations approach, as opposed to solely relying on the traditional annual appraisal, managers can work with the individual and search for ways in which they can provide on-going support, discuss issues of personal development from both viewpoints, and agree a way forward. Doing this regularly and to a high standard will make annual performance appraisals ever more useful; and hopefully less terrifying for the employee!”

More information on HR for Better Workplaces can be found at www.hrforbetterworkplaces.ie.

‘Performance Conversations’ Management Pocketbook is priced at €11 for a paperback copy or €9.20 for the eBook version, and is available from https://www.pocketbook.co.uk/product/performance-conversations-pocketbook/.


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 Notes to editor:

About HR for Better Workplaces

Founded by Frank Scott-Lennon in 1998, the recently re-branded HR for Better Workplaces provides a bespoke HR Consultant service in Dublin with over 60 years combined industry experience. They specialise in practical advice and offer a wide range of HR, Employment Law, training, recruitment and Wellbeing services. They are passionate about the Wellbeing of people in the Workplace and beyond.

About Frank Scott-Lennon, Founder and Principal Consultant at HR for Better Workplaces

Frank is one of Ireland’s leading management consultants and a respected thought leader in organisational behaviour. With 40 years’ experience, he provides precise recommendations and quick responses to clients on urgent HR and Industrial Relations issues. He specialises in improving individual and team performance, discipline handling, trade union negotiations, and putting in place terms and conditions relevant to particular businesses. He is also an inspirational trainer and he specialises in the recruitment for high-profile appointments across many sectors.

About Laura Powney, Principal HR & Employment Law Consultant

Laura Powney has almost 20 years’ experience of working in both her own businesses and subsequently in mainstream and corporate HR. She has extensive experience both in the UK and Ireland particularly in Employment Law, gaining a wealth of exposure to Industrial and Employee Relations. She has also dedicated a lot of her career to Transformational Change in Compensation and Benefits and Strategic HR planning and the Wellbeing space.

About Sinead Scott-Lennon, Communications and Wellbeing Consultant at HR for Better Workplaces

Sinead has nearly 20 years’ experience as a senior Communications Professional in both Consultancy and In-House roles across Consumer, Financial and Charity sectors in Ireland, but primarily in the UK. She has vast experience in Media Relations, Crisis and Issues Management and has led several teams within high profile brands. Sinead has significant experience in People Management and has a deep understanding about how to get the best out of teams. She is currently completing a Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

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