Performance Conversations

07 July 2020 Quick HR Tips

Can we wrestle the performance review of our people from the clutches of HR and truly own it?


Can anyone genuinely put their hand up and say, ‘I love annual appraisals, they’re great craic’. I mean, who doesn’t love awkwardness, lengthy forms to fill out plus anxious team members wondering of they’ll get it in the neck for a mistake they made six months earlier? There are no winners here just a pumped-up manager and a deflated employee.
Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for the annual appraisal, but it could be so much more productive, positive and focussed on the future without dragging up the past and creating an atmosphere of judgement and awkwardness. How much better would it be to have regular performance conversations (PCs) with your teams where the conversation is almost entirely focussed on the future, development, priorities and overcoming obstacles together?
What even are PCs? They are simply a two-way conversation so feel free to call them whatever floats your boat and suits your work culture….catch-ups, chin-wags, one-to-ones, coffee-meets……it doesn’t really matter as long as they are consistent (every 4-6 weeks) and future-focused.
Can we, once and for all, strip back all the formality and be brave enough to challenge antiquated ways of managing our teams? Can we start with a blank sheet of paper for each of our team members and take charge of this process?
Come the annual appraisal there will be a much more energised and collaborative meeting, free of formality and forms. The groundwork has been laid throughout the year so here is way to regain more time for positivity, gratitude and development. Who doesn’t need that right now? Plus, your team will thank you for it.
Sinead Scott-Lennon, Communications specialist and co-author of Performance Conversations Pocketbook


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