Progress not Perfection Coaching with Sinead Scott-Lennon

12 May 2021 Useful Articles

We are delighted to inform you that Sinead Scott-Lennon has expanded her consultancy role at HR for Better Workplaces.

Alongside her work with us on Communications and Wellbeing she is also available as a Coach in many different areas including:

Resilience both in and out of the workplace
Personal Development and growth
Imposter Syndrome
Executive Coaching and Leadership
Enhancing Individual and Team Management skills
Career Progression

Sinead also hosts hour-long or half-day workshops on Resilience. To see some testimonials please go to:

Sinead also coaches on a more personal level and covers areas like Resilience and Recovery; Miscarriage and Infertility; Bereavement; Grief and Trauma; COVID-19 and Isolation, Illness to name a few.

Sinead takes a holistic view of clients as she believes that we are human beings that come with unwanted challenges before we are professionals. She knows that you cannot be the best you can be in the workplaces if your personal life is troubling and vice versa.

Sinead qualified as a Coach with the globally renowned Animas Centre for Coaching,

You can see more about Sinead on her Progress not Perfection website:

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