Redundancy During Covid-19 and Beyond

30 November 2020 Useful Articles

We ALL have a moral duty to help the working world cope with the grief of unexpected or Voluntary Redundancy

Redundancy is a very real and difficult trauma impacting so many people at the moment. At the best of times Redundancy is a really tough road to navigate. Now, combine this with a Global Covid-19 Pandemic, Lockdown and the impending Brexit and you’ve got a bubbling cesspit of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Considering that 180,500 people in Ireland[i] (7.3% of the working population) and 314,000 people in the UK[ii] are currently unemployed, many due to Redundancy (these figures have risen considerably on 2019 due to Covid), it is our moral duty to try to help where we can.

When people are ‘let go’ there’s an initial feeling of shock and why me? What could I have done differently and what have I done to deserve this? The impact on Wellbeing and Mental Health can be palpable. Once the initial shock dissipates you’re left with a series of unknowns like, am I being treated with kindness and dignity; is my financial package fair; who else is in this position….the list goes on. Next, there’s the difficulty of actually saying it out loud to Family and Friends.

There’s so much to consider and it’s a time when you need a clear head to make important decisions.

At HR for Better Workplaces we have created some FREE, easily digestible downloads for anyone in this position. Find them below. Please feel free to share them in your networks with people who find themselves in this position right now.

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[i] Central Office for Statistics, October 2020

[ii] Office for National Statistics- Labour Force Survey



We are in a state of International Emergency on so many levels. Health,  our Economies and our Workforces. We all have our part to play. Any small gesture can make a big difference. Reach out and help on Local, National and International levels. If you help ease the worry for one person and one family then it is worth it.

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